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Our Story

Hi Andy Morris here…

I remember back in 2000 when I purchased my first home.

I was 19 and made every mistake in the book. If you saw the movie “Money Pit”  you know what I experienced. 

From personal relationship disasters to plumbing so bad that the toilet emptied into the crawl space. I ended up getting so sick I couldn’t get out of bed over this house.  

I got so overwhelmed by this home that just driving into the neighborhood made me sick to my stomach. 

I had to get rid of it quickly! I had an “angel investor” help me out of this house and frankly this experience set the course for my adult life in helping people with their homes.

That first experience set me back in many ways but once I was free from my house 

I was free to move on. 

Since then I was inspired to wear many real estate related hats as I have helped hundreds, maybe thousands, of people as a loan officer, a licensed agent, a licensed broker, a property manager, a short sale consultant, a rehabber, a contractor, a landlord, a consultant and a property manager.

It’s been a pressure filled and demanding journey but helping other people with their big problems has been it’s own reward. 

My passion for real estate has grown me personally, and along with me, a growing team of like-minded service oriented professionals who help me help many others.