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Have Questions? Here are some of the most common questions we Are Asked...

No we do not charge any fees or commissions to make an offer or to buy your home. There are minimal standard split closing costs which are discounted for cash offers and volume reasons.
If there are liens or judgements that you are unable to pay, just inform a member of our team in the initial consultation and we will work with you to try and figure out a solution. In many cases these fees can be taken out of your proceeds at the time of sale.
Unfortunately real estate closings actually require funds to be wired. Cash is what you can convert your funds received however to as you wish. A title company does all closings with state oversight so that you are 100% protected from fraud or non sufficient funds. Normally from a closing you will have money wired to your account or a check couriered or overnighted to your location.
We have an in-house underwriting department that calculates an extremely quick fair cash offer based on the market conditions, condition of your property (Including any repairs that need to be made), and what comparable properties are selling for in the area. If you reject this offer there may be further opportunity to discuss alternate terms and conditions that you would work for your situation.
It is normally up to you when we close.Just let our acquisitions department know your date of choice and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Normally it takes the local title company a few weeks to process all of the required paperwork. Since they are a 3rd party organization some deal with a high volume of transactions and might take longer than others. We do our best to work with your unique situation and timeline. We’ve closed in as little a couple days from final agreement, to months when there were barriers out of everyone’s control (like a seller’s mortgage that needed negotiated down for the sale).
No not at all, our services are free and if you don’t accept our offer you will not be charged anything or have any out of pocket costs
Absolutely. You may request our proof of funds from your assigned acquisitions agent and they will email it directly to you. This is something you should request from anyone offering on your home. Unfortunately there are many “investors” out there claiming to be “home buyers” that do not have the funds to purchase your home and many deals fall out of contract for this reason and can be a huge time waster.
For legal reasons we purchase our homes in numerous corporate names and partnerships to be sure we can close your deal.
Normally not. This is only because we are associated with real estate licensees and majority real estate license owned. We do already buy off through agents but because we have access to the MLS (real estate agent listing sharing system) if we were interested we may have offered already. An agent in the process requires compensation which means there is less money left over to come to a fair agreement.
Long term ownership of real estate is one of the greatest opportunities of wealth in the United States for the common person. Our team’s experience can help you get some great deals and even manageme them afterwords. Please visit: PropertyInvestmentsOH.com for more info.


At 866SELL911.com LLC we know that you want to be free and confident... not held back by your house. In order to do that you need to SELL YOUR HOUSE... no hassle.

The problem is that agents want you do work before they will sell it their listings while offering no certainty about actually bringing a buyer that will close on your home and at the same time most "we buy houses investors," are only acting as unlicensed agents themselves, flakily making offers on homes they don't even have money to purchase.

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